Velluto / 826

This luxurious plush pile carpet will enrich the most gracious of homes creating an air of sophisticated elegance. Velluto (the Italian word for velvet) is noted for the dark and light shading effects on the floor that are typical with natural textiles such as velvet and suede. Made in New Zealand from 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Velluto - Close Up Velluto - Side View Velluto
Cut Pile Luxury Suitable for stairs


Brand Cavalier Bremworth
Style Plush Pile
Price Range
Pile Content 100% Pure new wool
Width 3.66m Broadloom
Pile Thickness 9.5 mm +- 10% AS/NZS 2111.5
Carpet Thickness 12.5 mm +- 10%
Grading Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Stars - ACCS (12132)
Construction Tufted
ACCS Environmental Accreditation ECS: Level 4
Insect Resistance Treated With Insect Resist Agents

Detailed Technical Specifications

Yarn Specification Woollen Spun multi ply
Insect Resistance Treated With Insect Resist Agents
Gauge 31.5 tufts/10 cm (1/8")
Tuft Density 31.5 tufts/10cm x 39.0 tufts/10cm + 10%, - 5% AS/NZS 2111.9
Product Regain 16.00%
Primary Backing Woven Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Woven Jute or Flashbac recycled carpet
Backing Adhesive Synthetic Latex
Bond Strength 40N/50mm AS/NZS 2111.16
Tuft Withdrawal 15 N AS/NZS 2111.15
Pattern Repeat Does not apply
Pattern Match Width Does not apply
CAUTION - Geometric Pattern Does not apply
Installation This carpet must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 2455.1:2007 unless otherwise specified. Cleaning and maintenance must be done in accordance with AS/NZS 3733:1995.
Shading All cut pile carpets will in some circumstances exhibit the condition known as "Shading, Watermarking, or Pile Reversal". This condition is characterised by random light and dark patches appearing some weeks after installation, caused by the permanent reversal or bending of the carpet pile fibres with consequential different light effects. It cannot be predicted or prevented and appears to be related to the location of use rather than type of carpet construction or materials used. It does not affect the wear or durability of the carpet and since it is beyond the control of the manufacturer, it is not recognised as a manufacturing flaw or fault. You are urged to consider this characteristic before purchasing. Your Sales Executive can provide further information.
Colour Variation Colour may vary from dye lot to dye lot
Material Variation Backing or other materials may change without notice depending on raw material availability
Production Variation Variable weights and/or colours can be produced to meet individual requirements. For further details contact your local Cavalier Bremworth office.