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Taking the Floor with Mindfood Style

Taking the Floor with Mindfood Style

Project / Mindfood Style Photoshoot

Carpet / Woodgrain, Galet, Jermyn Street

The tailored pinstripe suit….think characters such as Harvey Specter, Jay Gatsby or James Bond.

Maybe not Ron Burgundy. 

Easily defined as the cornerstone of corporate fashion, suits can be anything from classic to formal to chic. They are worn by men and women alike, and are often associated with the socially acceptable, conservative business 'look' that people on the streets of NYC wouldn't blink an eye at. 

Today however, many designers now produce gorgeous pinstripe patterns for fashion-conscious consumers, as well as more eccentric designs that could have featured in Carrie’s never ending wardrobe in Sex and the City.


In their latest Spring/Summer issue, Mindfood Style have shown us how to put our plain black blazer and pencil skirt away – bringing together 70’s retro chic, bright pops of colour and ‘irreverent elegance’. Collaborating with New Zealand’s favourite designers, they encourage us to ‘take the floor’ and question the very notion of what a suit really is.

We were lucky enough to work with the magazine in this stunning fashion spread, with some of our unique carpets featuring alongside luxury brands such as Karen Walker, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Deadly Ponies, WORLD and Partridge Jewellers.

Take a look at what happened behind the scenes here.


Carpets featured include our take on finely tailored men’s suiting Jermyn Street, as well as Galet, Woodgrain and Legato.

Maybe the Anchorman’s notorious burgundy two-piece isn’t looking too different after all…


Photography: Andrew Coffey

Styling: Sammy Salsa

Model: Sylwia at Clyne Models 
Hair: Olivia Noble 
Make-up: Gee Pikinga using M.A.C.

Photographer’s assistant: Jake Dennis 

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