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Winning happens!

Winning happens!

Melissa and her family have won $10,000 worth of our carpet; a $8000 Kitchen Studio voucher; $7500 of Fisher & Paykel kitchen and laundry appliances; a $5100 Solarhart solar water heater; $5000 worth of Resene paint; $5000 worth of Thermowall insulation; a $3500 Gravity Revolution vibration machine; an Excalibur Excel 5-piece outdoor sofa and a stainless steel barbeque....and heaps more.

Melissa thought that she was being scammed when Christine Neil from Homeprize rang her. When she figured out that this was for real she couldn't believe it.

"We still cannot believe that we won this amazing prize!!  If you could see our house and the work we have done on it thus far and the work we have ahead of us you will realise how amazing this is for us!!

My husband has owned our house for around 11 years, he had flatmates for a while and then it was a rental for around 7 years.  We moved in two years ago with our then 10 month old daughter and went about cleaning it up and decided that we love it here so will be staying here for a long time rather then doing it up and selling as we previously planned.

So far we have completely cleaned up and changed outside.  We have renovated the playroom and included a built in projector and large movie screen.  We have taken out a wall upstairs between the lounge and dining/kitchen area, put in huge bifold doors, fitted a new kitchen.  Basically it is a totally new space.  One bedroom has also been done up.

Some of our plans for the future with the help of these prizes are:

Pushing out a wall and building a new laundry and buying a new front loader for this space. Our laundry is currently in the garage and is pretty yuck!

Our carpet is blue and very, very worn from being a rental and being from the early 90s. We fell in love with the Cavalier Bremworth felted loop pile carpet at the Fieldays so this is an amazing coincidence.

We have an ensuite and bathroom that will be getting totally remodeled and refitted.

We are planning on building a new much larger deck for summer so the outdoor furniture and bbq will be amazing on that.

As far as the Resene money goes that is already spent.  The exterior of our house needs painting and so does two thirds of the house on the inside.

And that is only some of the prizes and plans I can think of off the top of my head!!!

So many prizes that believe me will be put to very good use!

Thank you so very much!"

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