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Cavalier Bremworth launch rugs

Cavalier Bremworth launch rugs

Cavalier Bremworth is hemming up its high quality New Zealand made carpet to take on the popular rug market.

New Zealand’s most trusted carpet brand* has today made its premium ranges, beautiful wools and the plushest of synthetics, available for purchase online at and at participating flooring retailers, as custom-sized rugs.

Cavalier Corporation CEO Paul Alston says rugs are a logical and positive step for the business.

“At Cavalier we genuinely believe our carpets are some of the best in the world, our staff in our factories who felt and spin our woollen yarn, or tuft it into carpet, they know this because they control that quality every day. So it makes logical sense for us to take that beautiful product we make and offer it to customers in rug form.”

Alston says rugs are also what customers have been asking for.

“We receive weekly enquiries about making, particularly our high end wool ranges, into rugs, so we’ve decided to make it easy for people.  Pick a product, pick a colour, customise your size, and your rug arrives within a few weeks - it’s that simple.”

Cavalier Bremworth Group Marketing Manager Rochelle Flint says that while hard flooring has become increasingly popular in living areas it’s left a ‘little naked’ without a good quality rug.

“From a design point of view beautiful rugs are used to define a space, they also act as great sound absorbers where hard surfaces dominate, and let’s not forget they feel great underfoot or as a child’s go to spot.”

Cavalier Bremworth rugs will also be available at participating flooring retailers.

*Voted Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Carpet Brand four years running.

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