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Seriously committed to sustainability

All Cavalier Bremworth carpets carry a Level 4 Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS) rating from the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme, contributing valuable points towards both materials and indoor air quality under the Green Star office rating tools.  ECS Level 4 is the top grading, meaning our carpets meet the most demanding environmental performance criteria.

If you'd like to download the relevant environmental certificates and VOC certificates, just head to our product pages.

  • Greenstar Buildings

    Cavalier Bremworth was a founding member of the New Zealand Green Building Council and was the first broadloom carpet company to gain Environmental Choice certification across its entire wool carpet range – both in New Zealand and Australia. Environmental accreditation is now via the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS).

    For CIAL-ECS Level 4 certified products:


    Office, Education, Industrial and Interiors V3                 Mat 3 - 3 points

    Office, Education, Industrial and Interiors V3                 Mat 4 - 1 point

    Homestar V3                                                                         Mat 1 - 1 merit

    Homestar V3                                                                         Mat 2 - 0.75 points


    Office, Education, Industrial and Interiors 2009            Mat 4 - Contribution towards schedule

    Office 2009, Education and Industrial 2009                    Mat 9 - 3 points

    Office Interiors 2009                                                           Mat C - 4.20 points

    Homestar V2                                                                          Mat 1 - 1 merit

    Homestar V2                                                                          Mat 2 - 0.75 points

  • Commercial carpet recycling

    For commercial carpets, we operate a Product Stewardship Scheme, encouraging our clients to divert used carpet away from landfill.

    Environmental policy part of ISO 14001

    Our ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to taking responsibility for our manufacturing footprint and to continually improve our performance. We invest significantly in ensuring we consistently meet or exceed best practice.

    Here's an outline of our dedication:  
    • Cavalier Bremworth is a carpet manufacturer, operating spinning plants in Napier and Wanganui, and a tufting plant in Auckland.  
    • We're committed to operating our plants and facilities in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and in a manner that protects the quality of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, our associates and the general public.

    Paul Alston, Chief Executive Officer, Cavalier Corporation 

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